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The ‘Employees’ module…

Record Employee data in an easy to use database, then see the benefits from Integrator...

  • The Browser facilities offer clarity of data for management purposes, for example...
    • Employee Personal data. (Name, Gender, DOB, Ethnic Origin, Nationality...)
    • Employee Contact data. (Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Next of Kin...)
    • Employment data. (Name, Date Started, Department, Salary...)
    • Employees on Probationary Period, with Review Dates displayed.
  • Associate additional data, such as Notes, Photo's, Reminders, Documents, etc.
  • Add Organisation Positions and Responsibilities.
  • Overviews include an 'Organisation Chart'. (Automatically generated.)
  • Export, Mail Merge & Print facilities allow the creation of all manner of Reports.
  • Shared access for authorised staff to view and update Employee details.
  • Greater office efficiency and motivation from working with a systematic approach.
  • Integration with other Modules gives better co-ordination between Departments.
For a 2 minute overview of the 'Employees' module, click here...  Animated Overview